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Trapped in amber

Everything that shines might not be gold but it can be something equally beautiful and unique. Amber is another natural material that could have the title of the alternative gold. This kind of raw material has been used for thousands of years by human as even archaeological findings reveal by the existence of amber artefacts. This organic material which actually consists of fossilized pine tree resin and in many cases includes captured natural species, can turn into astonishing handmade jewelries and ornaments.


Baltic amber which is found and mined to Baltic Sea shores is actually one of the top quality amber varieties. This type of amber has always been a good business in Baltic region despite the ups and downs of amber mining through the history of these places. Whether the simplest items are made by amber or the most complicated ones, the result can always be highly impressive as the material is by itself.

For handcrafters these kinds of natural gifts are the most precious ones. It cannot be strange in any case the fact that the most common ‘handmade concept’ in Baltics is based on amber exploitation and usage. And it is not only that ready-made items people can purchase, but also the hundreds of different kinds of supplies, beads and chips that can be used by d.i.y.ers.

And of course, as almost in all cases, when nature gives this result, there should traditionally be hidden some sort of local legend or myth about the history of the creation of this material. And here it is, in this case, the legend of Jurate, the mermaid goddess who lived in a castle made of amber under the Baltic Sea and Kastitys, the young fisherman. What else cannot be missing from these ‘amber regions’ is great collections of amber artifacts, samples and jewelries included in museum exhibitions.


Photos from Palanga Amber Museum-

Images (c) matinamk,


One comment on “Trapped in amber

  1. nivs24
    April 27, 2017

    The glow of amber is soothing and on closer inspection, a surprise! Nice collection of amber art.

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