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A story behind a picture


As I was coming back after my visit to park Güell in Barcelona, I came across this, which is partially depicted in the photo above. Park Güell is located on Carmel Hill, at Zona Alta of Barcelona (Vila de Gràcia). So, as me and my friends were going down the hill in order to get to the main street, we passed around a hospital close to the park.

I am not so sure about the name of the hospital, I searched for it afterwards, but by searching on the map, I guess I’m talking about IMAS Hospital de la Esperanza. At the one side of this hospital there’s a side walk that has these signs, every few meters. I guess there are these specific signs for all the languages existed. But all of them say the exact same thing.

It’s a quote by the famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí (in the photo, it is written in Greek): “Everything comes from the great book of nature”. I searched for similar pictures through the internet and I found really few (by other travelers and visitors). I don’t want to post here any other photos of this wonderful Neoteristic miracle (maybe some other time on another post) but I want to include also the picture below, it’s from the day in the  Park Güell which confirms Antoni Gaudí’s words! So, here’s some inspiration coming from the great book of nature!


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