You handmade me {happy}

The greatest d.i.y. project is living happily.

Let’s get organized!

Lately, it seems that it’s getting harder and harder for me to keep blogging on regular basis. This is not the first time I’m sharing this thought through a post, but it’s the main problem that keeps my post ideas and creativity locked just in my mind or in files on my computer, waiting for so long to be published here. But there is no way to give it up, because this is one of the basic parts of my life, though a bit neglected!

I’m really trying to be a person full of patience and when I have to spend the biggest part of my everyday life doing other things than blogging, I’m just taking a step back and cancelling my blog plans, but not once and for all. But anyway, everything is expected to be into this life, so trying to organize it as good as possible is also a sort of a life challenge as well.

So, more or less I acquired some of the organized people’s habits and now I started writing down things. Like things to do, to have done, to remember and of course schedules. Lots of scheduled tasks and deadlines, too (sometimes the greatest inspiration is deadline!). And of course, I always take care of anything that surrounds me. The things I use (post-it, notebooks, well lots of notebooks, handmade notebooks…!) and all these that are not for use but just to exist in my place, just to make me feel happy and creative. That’s what inspiration boards do anyway! I’ll have a d.i.y. inspiration board sooner or later here in one of my posts!

And after all these, it’s all about the routine things. Everybody has a routine schedule and of course that should be only for a few hours a day. It’s like: first, check mails, then check specific sites (e.g. for a job or seminars etc), then study/work/write papers and so on, send applications and of course some cleaning up routine! Organizing your life means that you care so much about doing all these things you love and you’re passionate with. And someone could just ask what if there’s no time? Oh, well now I just remembered someone telling me that he had no free time to spend on just… talking to me! This always seemed so funny to me because that’s what I know is that there is always time but there isn’t always willingness.

I know, sometimes, it feels like needing vacation (even far away from earth sometimes! Yes, that’s the feeling every now and then) but nobody ever is too busy, because it’s just a matter of priorities. So, there is always time even for vacation, sooner or later. People who say that don’t have time for some things, do very little in their lives actually. And I hate doing so little! I’ve got a lot of things to do, so let’s get organized! Transform your living space, choose what to wear for the next day from tonight and stop procrastinating (or just schedule some spare time for procrastination!).


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