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Concept #11: Tassels and Ropes for the summer

On a sunny day when the sun is yellower than ever over lilac spots and lavender. Wearing a bow like a crown. Keep yourself tied with the summer sun because this one is for being classy under the sun or the moonlight, if you want to.

Beautiful pink and green shades, coming out of thousands of flowers! These are the sweetest things you could have. This pinkish planet brings happiness and joy. This one is for summer blossom and spring breeze.

Intense colors like flavors and smells. It’s like looking as hard as a rock, but not all rocks are hard enough. Like a spicy food which is more tasty than hot. This one is for the summer tastes close to the beach full of pumice.

It seems like a tribe in a place where it’s always hot. Like these exotic ones where the sea is hiding alive treasures. That can make you feel like a star, or maybe a fish. This one is for the walk on the beach.

Summer has burlap and dried roses. And that’s because it’s like the furniture of a dreamy summer garden. Or the ‘summery’ burlap pillow that feels comfy while laying on a hammock made of ropes. This one is for the summer siesta.

The lady in a lace is ready for the night walk. She seems to be elegant. It can be only tasteful and that is why this one is for a glass of wine or for a cocktail. In the summer. On the boat.

Lavender feels more like morning’s fresh air. It’s for waking up and feeling alive. It’s that vivid color. And the fragrance. And it’s combined with that breakfast on the terrace. This one is definitely for waking up in a ‘summery’ mood.

Sunbathing needs an effective sunscreen, a big hat and a good book. Or maybe two. And a palm tree close to you for reading the second book, or else you’ll get burnt! So this one is reading under a palm tree and travelling with your mind.

These are the details of the greatest summer, ever! A navy mood dressed in navy blue. Something for a unforgetable taste, liker thyme. And a summer drink. A good traditional one to accompany with delicacies. This one is for the Mediterranean tastes!

It’s a bit romantic in here! This is just for fun. Because summer vacation should be all about fun!

Images (c) matinamk,


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