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On a scale modeling event

It’s been a few days (or maybe not just a few) since I went to a great event about scale modeling. Before I share with you the details about this event and my impression about that I want to say something concerning the fact that it’s been a while since my last post. I see that days go by, everyday life is getting harder and harder once there are so many things to do and for God’s sake, why does a single day still have only 24 hours?!

And here’s the great news: I had this wonderful opportunity to enjoy an amazing diorama exhibition! It took place at the city hall of Thessaloniki. A two-day event that people had the unique opportunity to enjoy it on October 25-26. So, a colleague from the Master programme I attend recommended this exhibition as he was participating with his own exhibits (see below some of them, like the Lord of the Rings scene and this great geological section with the ‘gold diggers’ in a mine!)
There were so many things to see. Some chose to construct dioramas about historical events, some others about imaginary scenes, military vehicles,aircrafts, cars or miniature hero figures. There were even dioramas inspired by fictional stories, scenes that make you want to pop in them!

For some reason I loved the excavators miniatures! I mean, why not? And of course I cannot overcome two of my favourite figures, Laurel and Hardy!

For me, the whole excitement wasn’t just about the things I saw there. I was also amazed about the fact that these were all handmade actually by people with inexhaustible (I guess) patience! I mean, all these details I could detect on each construction made me think how much all these hobbyists love doing this and spending endless hours, days or even years on making just one diorama.

It was well-organized, it was interesting, it was worthy of admiration and it was also fun!
Well, I have no more things to say because I have images here that can say much more than my words!

You can find some of these amazing dioramas and many others here:

And here’s the official site of the Modelists’ Club of Northern Greece that organized this event:


One comment on “On a scale modeling event

  1. equinoxio21
    November 12, 2014

    a lovely post. full of (hand-made) life! 🙂

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