You handmade me {happy}

The greatest d.i.y. project is living happily.

How my blog evolved in a year!

Happy birthday You handmade me {happy}!It’s been a year after my first post, after giving life to this blog! You handmade me happy is growing up and it’s a 1-year-old blog already!!

Everything begun like this: when I was proudly presenting my first attempt to make a blog including all the things I loved: A D.i.y way of life!!!

promo blog

Before this decision, I had my own facebook page ‘you handmade me happy!’ – handmade jewellery where I’ve been posting about my projects on making jewelleries. But then I decided to share with people the ways that I make all these stuff! Until then, I had created many statement jewelleries, jewelleries with pictures, cinnamon sticks, film strips, polymer clay and branches!




And then, it’s Christmas time. And I had 2014 dreams about life. Some dreams came true. For some other dreams I’m still trying! But that’s the meaning of life, never stop collecting your special life moments!

making of

So, this blog started slowly to have a character. Not only tips, d.i.y. ideas, craft tutorials, handmade creations, but also thoughts, opinions and memories…And all these given in a form of inspiration, like different forms of art!
You handmade me {happy} loves dadaism, ceramic art, Rodchenko, mail art, books, minimalism, retro style and much more things that will continue to share with everyone!!!

My blog studied really hard this year! There were ample things to learn in order to go from Zero to Hero! That’s why Blogging University was so helpful. But there is still a long way to go!

I am so greatful to all these people who supported me in doing this. It is so wonderful to meet other bloggers that reward my work, that make me feel that what I’m doing is worth trying!

You handmade me {happy} will keep on crafting, d.i.ying, giving tips and tutorials on how to make a more ‘handmade’ life. I’ll keep on seeking for inspiration, creativeness and I hope to be able to sharing all these things that I enjoy and love with everyone!

Keep on happy blogging and always bear in mind that the greatest d.i.y. project is living happily!

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2 comments on “How my blog evolved in a year!

  1. creationsbycathy
    November 20, 2014

    Good for you!!! Happy (belated) birthday!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, as well! Loving your “happy” theme!!

    • matinamk
      November 20, 2014

      Thank you so much!!! Keep up the great work, your blog is so lovely!!!

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