You handmade me {happy}

The greatest d.i.y. project is living happily.

My ‘book vacation’!

This summer was great by all means! When you’re surrounded by great people, this is the only way you can feel! Besides my lovely human friends, I had this summer my dear new book friends! And I spend many hours with them too and it was a great companion when needed (like my real, human ones of course! 🙂 ).

And here they are!

upl11collagefbv1How to be an explorer of the world, by Keri Smith. This summer I decided to create my own portable museum! You cannot imagine how much fun it is! Here’s my special blog post on my new experience with that guide: Everyone is an artist!

Good Mail Day, by Jennie Hinchcliff, Carolee Gilligan WheelerIt’s all about mail art! And mail art is one new art for me! But I really fell in love with mail art. This book is the best guide to teach you what mail art really is and how to express yourself through mail art!

Craft-a-Doodle, by Jenny Doh. Here you can find 75 unique and creative exercises from 18 artists. It’s a book only for crafters and those that cannot stand having empty hands without a pencil or a marker! This fabulous book has very easy tutorials for anyone who wants to try!

L’ENCYCLOPEDIE DES REBELLES, Anne Blanchard, Serge Bloch, Francis Mizio (The encyclopedia of the rebels). It’s all about deciding to be different, to give yourself the chance to change the world and fight against the inequalities and injustices. All these famous people you can find in this book, have all the above in common.

Le Club des Incorrigibles Optimistes, by Jean-Michel Guenassia (The Incorrigible Optimist Club). 700+ pages in 3-4 days…This is a real treasure. Guenassia combined perfectly historical facts and people and made an excellent story about life! Reading this lovely novel is like joining that incorrigible optimist club and living in the Paris of ’60s. A story about a young high school student who lives in post-war France and meets his new friends at a chess club. But these friends have some special story, each one… I can now say, that’s one of my favourite books from now on!

The Evolution Man: Or, How I Ate My Father, by Roy Lewis. A friend of mine lent me this book. And I read it. And then I bought it! ‘Cause I couldn’t see my book collection without this book anymore! This book has some sort of connection with my master research (it talks about how human discovered fire and how cavemen were technologically evolved by using flint and knapped stone tools). It’s a laugh out loud story for sure!

Mere anarchy, by Woody Allen. It’s a Woody Allen’s collection and it’s a great one. Most of the stories fascinated me and especially the characters with their hilarious names. I think that if someone would give me this book without telling me the author, I could easily come up with Allen!

Hegarty on creativity, by John Hegarty. This book doesn’t teach you how to be creative, but how to take advantage of it. It’s a book of creative thinking and creative way of life. It is definitely a motivational book.


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