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D.i.y. statement necklace with PVC & more


I’ve been seeing a lot, these kinds of statement necklaces that combine on the one hand that minimal sense of transparent PVC and on the other hand that embellished classy look of rhinestones and faux gemstones. So, these days, while I was working on my new collection, using many combinations between these materials, I decided to share a tutorial about making a really special statement necklace!

What is special about this new piece I’ve made, is that I had to combine many techniques, some new and some old ones, that I’ve used before. First, let me show you the materials and tools I needed:

1. polymer clay beads, which I’ve shaped

2. An old metallic pendant in golden colour (a lovely deer!)

3. Transparent PVC sheet

4. Faux gems (Beads in the shape of crystal drops)

5. Golden colour chain

6. A clasp and jump rings

7. Jewellery making tools (cutting pliers, chain nose pliers)

8. Rice paper or any kind of paper you want (to design the template), a marker and a pencil

9. Scissors

10. Clear Industrial Strength Adhesive

11. Transparent nail polish

12. Metallic studs.

That what I had to do first, was the polyclay geometrical beads. In order to give a geometrical shape to polyclay, you have to start by rolling the clay into square beads. Then you slice the corners away so as to give that geometrical shape you want. The difference in this case is that you have to make you bead flat on the back side and then you’ll be able to glue them on the PVC piece. All you need to do is, after making the polyhedric beads, to cut them in the middle.

Tip#1: You can put the geometric beads in the freeze for about 5 minutes in order to avoid distorting the shapes while cutting the beads in two halves. That’s because, while you’re shaping your clay, it gets softer, so by freezing it for just a few minutes, it will become harder again.

The next thing you should do with your beads is to bake them by following the instructions on the package depending on the kind of clay you bought.

Tip#2: After baking the beads, you can varnish them by using just an ordinary nail polish. That will make the surface of the beads more glossy and shiny.


In order to cut the shape you want of the transparent PVC, you have to start by drawing the template you’re willing to use. It would be very helpful to decide first how to combine the materials on your necklace. In that way, you will be able to draw the right size of the template and the right shape as well.



Then, you cut out the template and stick it  on the PVC sheet and you’re ready to cut your PVC piece too. If something is wrong in the shape you’ve just cut out, you can use many ways to fix it (different kinds of scissors or a rasp, depending on the hardness and the thickness of the PVC material you use.



The next step is to open small holes wherever you want to join the chain and the metallic pendant. I opened the three holes by using small pointy scissors.



Now, it’s time to glue your beads! Firstly, you have to put some glue on a piece of paper and then, by using a toothpick or something like that, you glue the beads on the PVC by slightly pressing them. Let it dry (the time that the glue needs to dry depends on the kind of the glue. Mine was ready in about five minutes). You can also glue the metallic studs if the back shape of them allows it (I decided to use another kind of studs and not the ones I had chosen in the first place! It was easier for me to use and I actually liked them better!) 😉



The last thing you have to do is to join the chains and the metallic pendant by using the jump rings.




Just use your imagination and don’t be afraid to combine any kind of materials, textures and colours!


Images (c) matinamk,


2 comments on “D.i.y. statement necklace with PVC & more

  1. Creatively3
    October 5, 2014

    This is so beautiful 🙂

  2. Maria Brinkley
    July 14, 2014

    This is a lovely piece of jewellery. Nice post on how to make it, too. 😊👏

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