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The greatest d.i.y. project is living happily.

Who’s my hero?


Where are all these heroes when you need them? Actually, are there any heroes? And what makes someone a hero? Too many questions to answer and not too easy!

As I’ve learnt so far, from my favorite comics, heroes are that kind of human beings with super powers (so, we can talk about super heroes, not even the simple ones!). These super powers are flying, burning things, freezing things, running super fast, becoming invisible, throwing spider webs, being strong enough and so on. At this point, two more questions are rising up in my mind. First of all, is the nature of these powers that make these people special, or the purpose they using these supernatural abilities? Secondly, if the purpose is what matters, can we have a sort of ‘super powers’ too?


I think that we surely all have super powers. A hero is supposed to be someone brave. And he is brave enough when there’s that kind of security his super powers provides him. But what about everyday people that are brave enough and with no powers at all?

Super heroes with extra powers- Ordinary, though brave people: 0-1!


Superman by [RG]

‘Sometimes you have to be your own hero.’

In order to be a hero, you have to be willing to save someone in danger…Well, not so true, in my opinion. Except, if that someone is firstly you. By saving yourself you are not less heroic than by saving others. No need to be sacrificed, just fight in your everyday life what is bad for you and for anything that belongs to you.

The more ‘human’ you are, the bigger hero you become. In this life, heroes are all of us, people. Human beings with emotions, courage, compassion and values. Without anything special, only with a load of problems and the power to solve them and get through them.


Superman vs Captain America by samuraiminister


Hero Plumber by Cronauer

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