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Simplicity / Minimalism

rail fence by piotr

rail fence by piotr

What is simplicity?

‘If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself’- Albert Einstein.

Simplicity is the virtuousness of being simple. Being something simple means the absence of complexity. The absence of luxury also indicates simplicity, but in a figurative sense, being simple can also be luxury.

‘Simplicity is the key to successful living’.

The ‘ingredients’ for a life based on the principles of simplicity, should always be only a few, by definition. But having, needing and wanting only a few things in life, you have to be able to appreciate and give them the proper value. Only in this case you can achieve the matching between simplicity and ‘luxury’.

délicate by Frozen Hell.

délicate by Frozen Hell

Making something easier to understand or even using directness of expression, are the best ways of making something more meaningful. This is a principle that many artists/ painters/ photographers etc. are based on. Therefore, art uses simplicity but also simplicity is art too. The point is to have the ability and the suitable way of thinking in order to make the right approach when it comes to understanding of an artwork.

In a picture, while other details have been left out, it is bound to grab the attention of the observer the object that was selected to be displayed. That gives him the opportunity to analyze more the perspective of the artist and reach quicker to the core. So, this austerity in embellishment can be done by giving fewer items with greater importance.

Another example is the absence of the background. By removing it or by setting up just a plain one, the simplification becomes easier to a greater extend.

Simplicity by Kate Ter Haar

Simplicity by Kate Ter Haar

But, what about minimalism?

‘Minimalism isn’t just a design aesthetic. It’s a way of life’- Chris Schneider.

As defined by others, minimalism is that kind of style in which the simplest and fewest elements are used so as to create the maximum effect. In other words, the term minimalism responds to what we say: ‘less is more’. But what many people misunderstand and tend to believe is that minimalists shouldn’t own any material possessions. Of course, if that is what makes someone happy, then it’s not wrong. And that’s the true meaning of minimalism, to keep only the essential things in life. And these essentials are all these stuff which give joy.

Minimalist art (art of the minimum) begun in the late 50’s. Some of the first minimalist works which date from 1962- 1963, introduces the denial of hallucinatory nature. In this case, it is almost impossible to be given the chance of the subjective perception of the content of an artwork.

Landscape with Tree by Nick Page

Landscape with Tree by Nick Page

In photography also, using plain backgrounds with no distraction elements and capturing objects, scenes, buildings etc. with similar colors can lead you to a really minimalist result.

Simplicity is not necessary minimalism, but minimalism relies on simplification. However the answer to the question ‘what’s the difference between simplicity and minimalism’ cannot be clear. Maybe these two definitions are not the same but they surely have many common principles. Being simple is being natural and that means not avoiding patterns and other features that are more complicated, but not distractive and unnecessary. Minimalism could be the excessive form of simplicity, something that, although not found in nature, can be real.


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