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a project called ‘chasing the past’


Getting in my favorite button store is the easiest thing for me, but getting out of it…I can’t say how hard it is to take my eyes off that corner where all the boxes with buttons are aligned on top of one another!How beautiful they look, categorized in colors, sizes and materials which they are made of..

So, the hardest part when I make this button- jewelleries, is to choose the buttons I like the most! The rest of this project is just a piece of cake.

Of course, I couldn’t choose something that’s not even a little bit ‘vintage’. White pearls combined with gold color, metallic buttons or deep red plastic ones..Antique style jewelleries, like hidden treasures in a small wooden box, with odds and ends from the past..

A creation like that for me is like a game named ‘Chasing the past’. But why do I wanna chase it? It’s hard for me to answer that by giving also an explanation for it. Maybe I appreciate older times more because much more things in life were purer and let’s say ‘handmade’ somehow.

And maybe that’s why I’m a ‘museum type’! I know I cannot control it when I start talking about aesthetics of the past..


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