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2014 dreams…

promo2All of us need someone or something to help us feel safer or luckier. That kind of ‘booster’ could be a person or an item or even just words or wishes.

Lucky charms are this kind of item that is believed to bring us good fortune. I still haven’t realized whether lucky charms truly help or not, but even if it’s just in my imagination, I enjoy having good tasted items, decorating my home and making me feel better just by giving me the impression of being given good luck!

The second thing I enjoy about lucky charms is making them! What I started using lately in order to make them more interesting and special is dried fruits and spices. My favorite one is cinnamon sticks but this year I enjoyed dried sweet peppers. I’ve also used star anise seed many times and dried orange slices as well. The good thing is that all these spices or fruits don’t putrefy once they’re dehydrated (these are actually for decorative purposes and not edible!!!).


These charms also carry symbolic items that have to do with anything that we want to get better in our lives or all these things we have and want to protect. For instance, a key or a little house indicates home or family, a heart has to do with love, an old pound is about financial and so on. So, in order to feel safer (!!!) and to avoid overloading a lucky charm with everything that we want to improve, the best choice is something that includes anything we are looking for! That could be just the number of the new year, that number that everyone wants to become our luckiest number! And it should represent a new beginning, a new year, full of happiness and hopes for a fresh start, a new year full of joy, prosperity, strength and courage…That’s why New Year’s lucky charms is something that many people love having!

So I’m not giving you only ideas for lucky charms, I’m also giving you my special ‘lucky charm’…my best wishes for 2014..Don’t stop dreaming, hoping, believing. For me, I wish this new year may be 2014 times more creative than the last one!

P.S.: One of my new year’s resolution: stop getting flashbacks from things I don’t want to remember (or convince myself that there’s no need to forget anything I have lived so far!!)

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