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Pop Surrealism – Lowbrow Art

Pop Surrealism- Lowbrow Art

Pop surrealism or lowbrow art is an art movement which mainly features references to popular comics, music, video games etc. Punk music and underground comics are mostly associated with lowbrow art.

This artistic movement actually arose in the late 1970’s but the release of the lowbrow art magazine ‘Juxtapoz’ in 1994 helped this movement to grow even more. Robert Williams was that lowbrow artist who founded Juxtapoz magazine. The roots of lowbrow art go back to the 60’s to Southern California hotrods and surf culture.

It is easy to recognize that weird and dark sense of humor that lowbrow has and due to the usage of cultural icons this mass- produced art also referred to as kitsch. Actually, pop surrealism uses just the humorous nature of ‘kitsch’ and not the bad taste.

So what else can you find through pop surrealism? Rock and roll, comics, tattoos, anime, punk, science fiction, horror, sarcasm, darkness, pinups, toys, video games and much more.


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